About Us

Family Owned and Operated since 1985

Peters Lawn Service was established in 1985 by Bill Peters, and is currently owned and operated by Brady Peters of Mankato, MN. Over the last 30 years, Peters Lawn Service has committed to providing high-quality customer service. We take pride in getting the job done right. We have an experienced crew, maintain top notch equipment, and use only the best products available today.

Our Story

It all started for us when Bill Peters, who was seeking new employment while working a few different jobs, decided to put his farming background to work and started Peters Lawn Service in 1985. With a simple truck and trailer he began to find jobs and built his reputation as a friendly and reliable lawn service provider. He began fertilizing and spraying lawns in the Mankato/North Mankato area. Bill is still working and many of those first loyal customers are still using Peters Lawn Service 30 years later!

Brady Peters began mowing lawns along his paper route starting in 1987. In 1991, he started a lawn mowing business at the age of 15 when Bill contracted his first commercial customers. Unable to drive, Brady would run his mower down the street pulling a wagon for his other equipment. He was required to save money to purchase his own truck the next year. He also learned the most valuable lesson of his life – a work ethic. In 2005, Brady bought Bill’s side of the business and started a family. Brady & Kelly Peters now have 2 daughters and operate Peters Lawn Service with the help of family, a few dedicated employees, and several part-time and seasonal helpers. We hope that the launch of our website in 2008 will help us stay in touch with our valued customers as well as provide information on lawn care and our services.