Do you “thatch” lawns?

No. De-thatching with tines or a rake may pull up some dead grass but will not get rid of thatch. If your lawn has a “thatch problem” it is typically an inch below the surface. When your rake or run a “de-thatcher” over your lawn, you only scratching the surface and are likely doing more harm than good by ripping and damaging the new growth. Core Aeration will help control thatch by puncturing it and bringing soil cores to the surface. This will provide a better environment for the microorganisms to naturally break down thatch.

Do you “roll lawns?

No. Many people complain of bumpy lawns, but it is the earthworms (which indicate a good soil) that usually cause the bumps. Rolling the lawn is just not the solution. It doesn’t really work. In the Spring, knocking down the crowns with a rake can help. A heavy core aeration may also do the trick. Topdressing with soil may be another option to smooth out uneven turf.

Can I mow after you fertilize?

Mowing should not affect the granular fertilizer, but do not bag the grass. Rainfall or lite watering will help bring the fertilizer into the soil.

Can I mow after you spray?

It is best to wait a day or so but really depends on the height of your grass and the height of your mower. You would not want to cut off more than 1/3 of the targeted plant. Do not bag the grass. If you mow after we spray, normally the application is still effective. Rainfall or lite watering will help bring the product thru the plant.

It rained after you sprayed, is that o.k.?

Generally, a half hour or less is all that is needed with many herbicides (about as long as it takes to be dry to the touch). Moderate rainfall or lite watering will can be beneficial. Heavy rainfall immediately after application may need a return visit.

How long should the dog and kids stay off the lawn after you spray?

To be safe, wait until the next day. After a few hours, the product is dry to the touch and being on the lawn is normally not a problem. Some are more sensitive than others. Use your best judgement. Young children should not be playing in the grass after application. The dog can go out but make sure it’s not eating the grass.

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