Prairie Gardens

Celebrate the seasons.

Butterfly & ConeflowersNothing in the landscape allows you to celebrate the seasons more than a native prairie garden.  Once established, a low maintenance mix of perennial wildflowers and native grasses will provide your landscape with a natural look, year round interest and will create a wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  Native plants have adapted to our local climate for over a thousand years and once established they do not require fertilizer, pesticides or irrigation.  They are also valued for stabilizing the soil and removing carbon from the air, helping to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Native plants adapt to poor soils and work well on septic drain fields or mounds.  Native plants also work well as rainwater gardens in ditches, low lying areas, or lakeshores where they can prevent runoff by capturing rainwater, a key aspect of green storm water management.

Rattlesnake MasterPeters Lawn Service can design, install, and maintain a prairie garden that will fit into your lawn and landscape.  From a small island garden, to a border adjacent to your lawn, to a larger prairie restoration, we can create a short meadow, mixed height, or tall grass prairie making your landscape naturally beautiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly.