Core Aeration

To aerate or not to aerate, that is a silly question.

lawn cut-awayWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…  Core Aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn, and it’s one of the most important cultural practices available. Why, you may ask? Your lawn’s root system is constantly renewing itself by sending out new roots that need loose & open soil to expand.  If your soil is heavy and compacted, the roots are forced to stay near the surface or even in the thatch layer itself.  This leads to a lawn that dries out too quickly and is more prone to disease & insects.

Performed regularly, Core Aeration helps control thatch, improves soil structure & microbial action, helps create growth pockets for new roots and allows water, oxygen & nutrients to reach the deepest part of the root zone in your lawn.

Peters Lawn Service performs this service using specialized equipment and proper timing to achieve optimum results.   We will pull the deepest plugs possible and make sure all of the areas targeted are properly aerated, often taking several passes over the targeted area.  If you have an irrigation system or dog fence, please notify us and/or identify these areas with flags or marking paint.  Please keep in mind, steep hills or embankments may be impossible to Core Aerate.

Core Aeration Tips:

Annual or semi-annual core aeration is recommended for local lawns with especially heavy clay soils, newly sodded lawns, lawns with a thatch problem, or a lawn that needs to be thickened up.  Core aeration is best performed in the late Summer through Fall and is also done in the spring.  Basically, when the grass is actively growing.  Overseeding at the time of Core Aeration is a great way to increase seed germination and introduce better turfgrass.

Falling Grass SeedCore Aeration & Overseeding is a great way to renovate an existing lawn or damaged turf areas.  Seeds will find a nice home in the holes created by core aeration as well as next to the soil cores left on the surface.  As the holes collapse and the soil cores melt back into the lawn, the new seeds will have the perfect soil to seed contact necessary for optimum germination.

Peters Lawn Service uses top quality seed mixes not found at your big box stores.  Our custom mixes will be matched to your specific area – sun, shade, high traffic, salt tolerant, low maintenance, etc.  A good quality seed mix is worth the money; it will be more drought tolerant, disease resistant and will produce a better lawn.