lawnThere is nothing more enjoyable than a beautiful outdoor environment.  Maintaining our urban environment requires a lot of work and inputs.  Every day, when we go to work, our goal is to reduce the amount of this work.  Our experience allows us to work efficiently by developing the best management strategies and by using the best maintained equipment.  These low maintenance strategies will save you money.

Another area that we can reduce is the inputs that can be negative to our environment.  Everything we do in our outdoor environment can potentially make some kind of impact.  Some good, some bad.  Lawns in general are very good for our environment, but sometimes the way we care for them can have a negative impact.  Our Custom Lawn Care Program allows for less pesticide use than most of our competitors.  Our applications are made by certified professionals with years of experience using products approved by the U.S.D.A at the correct rates according to the labels.  We also provide many cultural management practices, soil building solutions and organic applications and recommendations.

RecycleMaybe you should reduce the overall size of your lawn. We have the experience to design, install and maintain a native prairie garden, border, or rainwater garden that will provide many environmental benefits.  Besides saving you time and money required for maintenance, a native prairie garden will provide your landscape with a natural look, year round interest, and will create a wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Sometimes, less is more, more or less!

Now, learn how and why to renovate.