Snow Blowing

Snow RemovalPeters Lawn service has been specializing in snow blowing service for 20 years.  Our original snow removal service consisted of snowblowing equipment only.  Our priority in snowblowing equipment allows for very efficient snow removal service.  Our snowblowing equipment includes a 66 inch snowblower on a Bobcat Toolcat 5600.  This is an all wheel steer machine that has the power to never stop working and is nimble enough to fit in the tightest of locations.  We also operate a Kubota B3030 Tractor with a 60 inch snowblower.  These snowblowers efficiently clear snow from boulevard sidewalks to driveways to parking areas.  By blowing the snow we are able to greatly reduce the piles that would be created by  plowing or bucketing. This is most effective in townhome associations where space is limited. Our Snowblowers can also move piles created from our snowplows, eliminating the need for hauling snow in many situations.

Large SnowblowerWe also own and operate over 6 walkbehind snowblowers that are used for entryway sidewalks on townhome associations and residential homes.