Peters Lawn Service, Inc. is proud to be Mankato’s local choice for professional lawn care for the last 30 years. Since 1985, we have provided both commercial and residential customers with the very best in lawn care and landscape management. Our service area includes Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, Nicollet, Lake Crystal, St. Clair, Eagle Lake, Madison Lake, Lake Washington, Elysian and Janesville.

We will develop a plan to make your lawn healthy and attractive. We will reduce the amount of time, money and energy required to maintain your lawn & landscape. Is it time to renovate your lawn and landscape with a goal of making it more attractive and easier to maintain? Relax, we are here as a resource and to help you with our professional services.

The landscape adds value to your property and the pride we take in our lawn plays an important role in providing a safe place for your children to play. In today’s world, we are forced to recognize the environmental impact of how we care for our lawn and landscape and we must be educated to make better choices.

Please take time to browse our services and learn about how we can help you reduce the time, cost and energy needed to renovate your lawn and landscape. Relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn!